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Winter’s grasp on an old truck

This week’s cold snap came with a lot of moisture and it wrapped the prairie in a thin sheet of white.  This old truck, long parked in this spot and used to advertise a nearby tree farm, did not escape the icy snow either.  Drawing in closer, I really liked the details in the front, particularly the grille.

Bigfoot in Calgary – a monster truck attacks

1/30 seconds, f/9, ISO 1000

I went down to the Stampede Grounds yesterday with my kids to tour the World of Wheels on its stop in Calgary.  When I told Kian that Bigfoot would be crushing and jumping over cars in a hockey rink he was buzzing with excitement.

1/30 seconds, f/8, ISO 1600

I was impressed with the truck’s driver, Kyle Doyle.  Driving a huge vehicle inside a hockey rink would be challenge enough.  Throw in the jumps, brake stands, racing from end to end and tight cornering and it was a great show to watch.

1/15 seconds, f/13, ISO 1000

1/15 seconds, f/11, ISO 1000

1/250 seconds, f/5.6, ISO 3200

Bigfoot finished the main act with a park on the crumbled automotive heaps – seemed a fitting end to the last of the four shows over the weekend.

1/40 seconds, f/9, ISO 1600

Kezia was a bit ambivalent about the monster truck, the loud engine turned her off a bit, but when the motorcycles came out she got right into it.

1/60 seconds, f/5.6, ISO 1600

As soon as she they started performing stunts, Kezia was mimicking their moves while standing in the seating aisle – with the encouragement of the crowd nearby.

1/30 seconds, f/10, ISO 1600

1/6 seconds, f/10, ISO 1600

Old Ford Truck: Dusk on the Albertan Prairie

Out at my latest infatuation , this old F350 abandoned beside a country backroad, last night.  The evening light after the sun dropped behind the Rockies was great and with long exposures, light painting with a flash off camera and the steadily darkening sky, I had a great time.

I was so absorbed, I lost track of time and didn’t make it back to Redwood Meadows to enjoy the community fireworks for Canada Day.  I could see the explosions from the truck but with 25 kilometers between me and home, they were just small balls of color.

As night took hold, I finished with a couple of darker images that left more shadow in keeping with the dark sky to the east.

Prairie Ford

Went by this old truck for another visit on the weekend.  The last time I was there the morning light was pretty warm, today it was harsh but still fun to shoot and then play with the image.

Nice subject even in the middle of the day under a lot of bright light.

A Weathered Truck on the Prairie

I was exploring the country roads that divide up the fields along the prairie west of Calgary and found this old Ford 350 farm truck long since abandoned overlooking a river valley.  The truck looked like it had been left where it finally broke down, just past a cattle guard on a dirt track that led down to an old farmstead. 

With the deep blue sky of the early morning, the weathered reds and oranges of the cab and the hood made a nice contrast.  I liked working in the white line on the horizon where the Rocky Mountains are still covered with snow.  I will be back to this lonely Ford again soon to work in some star trails and light painting.  When the new green grass comes in, I’ll return to work with the three strong colors (two primaries – red and blue, and one secondary – green) as they will allow for some dynamic compositions by varying the amount of each color in a frame.  A great subject to find and I suppose it will be returning to work after having had at least a few years rest.

In the image below, I de-saturated the sky to emphasize the color in the truck (both the body and the rust on the bed’s frame.  It creates an interesting feel to this image as the relationship between the truck and the surrounding environment is different.

In this final picture from this set, I walked down towards the valley so that the sun’s position relative to the truck changed from behind and streaming over my shoulder to behind the truck backlighting the truck and throwing a lot of reflected light  towards the camera.  The washed out color that resulted allowed for an image very different from the others.

Downtown 1956 Ford F-100

Usually I see old, distressed trucks like this one rusting away next to a barn.  It was cool to see this fellow had his on the road.  I’m sure the old Ford appreciated being taken out for a spin and put to work!

For those who are curious, I believe this is a 1956 F-100.  The fender threw me for a bit but I think the owner just put on a replacement.  Or else this is a different year – I’m not an expert.  It’s a great looking truck whichever year it was made.