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Prairie Ford

Went by this old truck for another visit on the weekend.  The last time I was there the morning light was pretty warm, today it was harsh but still fun to shoot and then play with the image.

Nice subject even in the middle of the day under a lot of bright light.

Prairie Landscapes: Abandoned Shack

This weathered tack outbuilding is on the edge of the Tsuu T’ina Nation near Bragg Creek.  The trees that the building backs onto serve as the line where the prairie gives way to the eastern edge of Kananaskis and the Rocky Mountains.

I detour past this building throughout the year and this week when I drove by I thought it was framed really well by the dormant bushes and leafless trees all covered by scattered snow.  It has always struck me as a lonely, forgotten shack and on this day, the surroundings seemed to match.