For a more directed view of my work, I have the following portfolios that I have created either for clients or for myself which stick to themes more so than my individual posts.

Year-in-Review Portfolios:


Landscapes – a collection of mountain, ocean, prairie and night images

Aurora Borealis – a set of Northern Lights photographs from the past couple of years in Alberta

People – images of people close to home and far beyond

Abstracts – 1st series and 2nd series – interesting and unusual subjects from nature and man


  • Great gray owls – Strix nebulosa in flight, hunting and perching in Bragg Creek, Alberta
  • Grizzly bearsUrsus arctos from Alberta and British Columbia
  • Bald eagles – a gallery of these majestic birds in flight, at rest and otherwise
  • Great blue herons – a series from a variety of encounters with these elegant birds
  • Coyotes – Canis latrans in the wilds of Alberta
  • Brown pelicans – Pelecanus occidentalis from Los Cabos and California
  • Canada geese – images of these birds throughout the year in western Canada

Themed Portfolios:

Calgary Stampede – Favourites from the 2010 and 2011 Rodeo (published April 2012)

People of Myanmar (published September 2010)

Western Canadian Landscapes (published April 2012)

Motion in Pictures (published September 2011)