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After the rain…

The water drops following an afternoon downpour intensified the colors in this intimate scene.

Aloha from Kaua’i

The kids traveled super well yesterday and before the sun had set on the day, we were in Kaua’i.  Starting another photographic journey this morning, we are perched on our deck overlooking the ocean facing east and waiting for the morning to arrive.  We made half the adjustment to the time change so Kian and Kezia were up at 5.  That helps to make sure I don’t miss the sunrise.

First Hibiscus - © Christopher Martin-3759

This Hibiscus was the first chance I had to pick up the camera – while Bobbi was getting our keys.

A Floating Pink Flower Landscape

(please click on the image for a sharper, higher resolution version)

These brilliant pink flowers caught the sun on a small lake in Kananaskis while I was waiting for the heron to leave its perch to fish.  The water suggested an Impressionist painting while the detail in the flowers provided sharp contrast to the dark pastels.

Hawaiian Abstracts: Leaves

Kauai is also called the Garden Island.  The lush vegetation that blankets the land from the edge of the beaches and up to the peaks of the mountains makes the name an obvious choice.  I’ve spent a couple of mornings on the grounds photographing the leaves of the plants that line the walkways and the paths.  The patterns and colors are amazing and I will definitely spend more time with them over the next couple of weeks.

I haven’t learned their names yet so my apologies for not being able to provide a little more detail about the species.  I have a book of Hawaiian trees and shrubs so, if there are quiet moments, I will endeavour to shore up that gap.