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Aloha from Kaua’i

The kids traveled super well yesterday and before the sun had set on the day, we were in Kaua’i.  Starting another photographic journey this morning, we are perched on our deck overlooking the ocean facing east and waiting for the morning to arrive.  We made half the adjustment to the time change so Kian and Kezia were up at 5.  That helps to make sure I don’t miss the sunrise.

First Hibiscus - © Christopher Martin-3759

This Hibiscus was the first chance I had to pick up the camera – while Bobbi was getting our keys.

On the Hawaiian forest floor


Before I was mesmerized by the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees at the Keahua Arboretum in Wailua’s highlands, I walked through the forest paths to get a feel for the area.  There was one spot near the stream that divides the park where Hibiscus blossoms were spread across the ground below the trees they had fallen from.  This flower was tucked into a curve in a tree root.  With the humidity, I don’t know whether the flower had just fallen or had been on the ground for a few days.  Either way it was beautiful and fun to photograph.