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Horses, rider and sleigh


The blizzard tailed off this afternoon and I went out to see how the fresh blanket of snow looked laid over the prairie. With the clouds wrapping up the sun, I headed home and passed by this moment in the wintry outdoors.  The mother and child appeared to be engaged in a good conversation but a wave seemed to earn me a quick smile.  They were traveling along the Cowboy Trail (Highway 22X) so this slightly unusual scene seemed rather appropriate.



Sunrise along the Cowboy Trail

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The Cowboy Trail runs through Bragg Creek and is lined with evergreen forest on either side of the town.  On the weekend I was heading out to Wild Rose to see about some of the birds there.  I left home as the morning colour was coming into the sky.  I was not planning to shoot the sunrise but within a few minutes of driving down Highway 22X, the road’s less evocative other name, I pulled over and spent a few minutes watching the clouds soak in the warm light.  It was an easy diversion and a great start to the day.