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A White-tail against the trees

Deer against the mist - © Christopher Martin-7424-2

The morning mists in Bragg Creek get caught in the trees when they start to dissipate as the day warms up.  It provided a nice background when I saw this White-tailed deer walking through the wet grass.

Good Morning Deer

Good morning Deer - 2014 © Christopher Martin - 9360

While watching a Great Gray Owl hunting in the morning, this young White-tailed Deer entered the field and wandered around for the better part of an hour.  It saw me and the owl but was not particularly interested in either of us.  Preferring to devote its attention to finding the best grass shoots and dandelion stems.

White-tailed deer - 2014 © Christopher Martin - 9391


A little earlier, I came across another White-tail in a forested meadow.  This young stag was head down eating when I noticed him but then lifted his head and gave me a beautiful look before I left.

Antlers and grass - 2014 © Christopher Martin


A stag in the woods - 2014 © Christopher Martin

Kananaskis Wildlife: Hide and Seek with Whitetails

Yesterday, I was hiking in Kananaskis Country, west of Bragg Creek, morning along a trail that winds through the forest.  The trees are often well spaced out and allow a lot of streaming sunlight to reach down.  The highlight of the trek was finding a small herd of White-tailed Deer that were moving slowly towards the hills.

I stepped off the trail and shadowed their progress for a few minutes.  I waited for one deer to step into a shaft of light and then tried to create an interesting image.

There were a couple occasions where everything lined up and I got close to what was in my head.  In these pictures, I like the sense of the forest and the magic of sunlight.

I was enjoying the stroll in the woods when I was alone, save for the birdsong and angry squirrel reports, but crossing paths with these deer made it a very memorable day.

Kananaskis Wildlife: Winter Stags

A chilly morning in West Bragg Creek gilded all the tall grass and tree boughs with hoar frost emphasizing the hold winter now has on Kananaskis Country.  I wandered around a few trails before finding this muscular stag walking steadily through a field.

He watched me closely for  a minute, pausing to check me over, before carrying on through the snow parallel to the path before crossing and bounding up the hill into the forest.

I encountered a second buck as I was heading back to Bragg Creek.  I was driving on Township Road 232 and he was near the fenceline, partially obscured by a stand of reed-like branches.  I was running a bit late and he seemed anxious so I only stayed for a minute to get this image before heading on my way.