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On the Prairie – Barn and Weather Vane

Saturday was cold and clear, -19°C and blue sky.  It was a perfect morning for a drive and I headed out on the prairies east of Calgary to see what I could find.  I ended up working with a stoic, one-eyed snowy owl but along the way I found this weathered barn and weather vane that lured me to stop.


I originally had a black and white image in mind when I was composing this but the color version looks alright too.

Summer Storm Breaking Up

I was in a great location to watch the storm that had rolled in Friday night and dropped many, many buckets of rain through Saturday afternoon start to break up.

The drama in the clouds west of Calgary was beautiful to watch build and fall away for a few minutes.

Certainly a different feel in black and white.  In the version above I wanted to bring the weathered barn to greater prominence.  I ended up shedding the color and adding a little grain to create a more historical, antique feel.