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Red Rocks in a Snowstorm

Red Rock Coulee is in Southeast Alberta near Medicine Hat.  It is rarely visited and the few paths see little travel.  For me, this is a wonderful landscape to photograph.

Heavy clouds and a prairie snowstorm made my visit there last weekend a fun challenge and created some very nice opportunities.  It had been a year and half since my last visit there and I enjoyed seeing this more wintry side of the area.

Red Rock Coulee on the Prairie in Southeastern Alberta

Copyright 2010 Chris Martin, All Rights Reserved

I was visiting family in Saskatchewan over the Thanksgiving Weekend and we stayed in Medicine Hat last night.  This morning, my dad and I went left the hotel in darkness, heading for Red Rock Coulee, about an hour’s drive south of The Hat.  The rocks giving the area its name have beautiful color and textures to match their unusual shape and size.

Copyright 2010 Chris Martin, All Rights Reserved

The coulee is part of a gently sloping hill that rises well above the plains to the south and the west affording a view across the prairies to Montana and Alberta.  Along with the elevated position came a steady wind which pulled in heavy rain to accompany the grey clouds stretched across the sky.  The wet rocks were a treat to photograph, which made up for the uninspiring sunrise (flat and grey).

Copyright 2010 Chris Martin, All Rights Reserved