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When it snowed, we went sledding


Kian's airtime - © Christopher Martin-9801

When they returned from school in the middle of our strangely early snowstorm, my son and one of his friends headed straight to the shed and grabbed their sledding gear.  There was no disappointment with a suspension of late summer, they were ready to toboggan.  I was happy to join them and we had a great time playing around.

Sledding - © Christopher Martin-9726

Dismount - © Christopher Martin-9818

The bent and broken trees, power outages, traffic accidents and many other challenges that this storm has unleashed on Southern Alberta has been hard to believe.  I’m glad that we were able to find enjoyment in the snow but our thoughts are with those not near so fortunate.

Kian at the ready - © Christopher Martin-9787


Bragg Creek Landscapes: Winter Wonderland

When the sun went down on Saturday, the stars came up and then the snow started.  Before 8, it was snowing hard and when I got up on Sunday morning, there was nothing to indicate that it had let up at any time in the night.  We had almost a foot (30cm) of white blanketing the land.  We cleared the driveway and then went sledding at the hill just off of our deck.

After a little lunch, I got outside on my own set on exploring the photographic opportunities.  By this time the storm had broken up and the sky was blue and the sun was bright.  Just more fun elements to work with.  Here are some of the images that came out of my afternoon walk in the forest and along the Elbow River.