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An Abandoned Farmhouse on the Saskatchewan Prairie

There were a few people asking about the farmhouse where I made this image of an interesting room inside.  The house is on the top of a small hill several kilometres outside of Gull Lake, Saskatchewan on the Canadian Prairies.


The farmhouse I photographed is on the right.  Although both are abandoned, I was drawn to the older building.

I could have used a tilt shift lens here but I like the perspective created by shooting upwards from a low position.

I spent a lot of time looking at the textures in the weathered wooden siding, this is the single image I came away with from that study.

The broken metal objects scattered around the back of the house made for interesting subjects – quite cooperative too.

This room faces east and the glass in the window frames broke a long time ago.  With the gaping holes to the outside, this room suffered more from the prairie’s summer storms,  bitter winters and steady winds than the rest of the house.  I like the glimpse of what was once there you can see in this picture.  It showed me that the house was lived in more recently than I first thought when I walked up the hill.