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A Warbler in the Weaselhead

Yellow Warbler - 2013 © Christopher Martin

About a half an hour after watching the Goldeneyes on the Elbow River at the Weaselhead delta, I had trekked along a path overhung with very wet branches.  I was soaked through but heard some bird chatter in a clearing.  And soon caught sight of a pair of Yellow Warblers (Dendroica petechia) flitting through the trees.  The male was reclusive, staying hidden inside the bushes, but the female was a little less so.

Wily Weaselhead Warbler - 2013 © Christopher Martin

She moved fast and often but seemed a little bit curious which afforded a couple of opportunities.  It proved to be a challenge to pick her out cleanly against the foliage even with the bright yellow colouring.  But I thought she was beautiful so I watched her for another half an hour before continuing onwards to the edge of the Glenmore Reservoir.

Yellow Warbler in the brambles - 2013 © Christopher Martin

Goldeneyes at Weaselhead

Three Common Goldeneyes - 2013 © Christopher Martin

I walked around Calgary’s Weaselhead Natural Environment Park this morning.  The park is where the Elbow River spreads out across the flats into a delta threaded with smaller streams that drain into the Glenmore Reservoir.  At the first bridge I crossed over, I noticed several female Common Goldeneyes (Bucephala clangula) floating around.  I watched them flying up to this nesting box gone slightly askew.  It seemed they may have enjoyed the view from this spot .

Leaving Peru - 2013 © Christopher Martin

When one would fly away it wouldn’t take long before a new duck stopped in.  It seemed like I could hear murmurings about possession being 9/10ths of the law.  However determination won a little longer rest on the perch for one of the Goldeneyes.  She held her ground, flapped the wings and the would-be usurper flew back down to the river.

Playing queen of the perch - 2013 © Christopher Martin

These three ladies threw some interesting looks at me, each other and across the river.

A cadre of Goldeneyes - 2013 © Christopher Martin