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Truck World – a stereoscopic effect

I have been playing with a new photo processing app called Tiny Planets.  It processes photographs into a stereoscopic image which can look really cool.   This image above shows how the app transformed the image below into a tiny planet.

Here is a slideshow with some of the warps made from my image library

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This is a free app on iTunes, so if you have an Apple device, check it out.


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Glass: My fascination with photographing windows

As part of my ongoing fascination with glass, I am working on a collection of abstract images involving windows.  Here are three photographs that have made it into the series so far.

I love these thick blocks of glass that are often found in homes.  They are great for allowing light in while keeping the interior private.  For me, they warp scenes on both sides of the glass and I love the effect.  The crazy pattern in this pane is actually a plain window in the brown brick building about ten feet away.

These windows belong to an apartment building in Vancouver’s West End.  I love the curves introduced into the reflections by these big sheets of glass.

This one strays a bit from the glass theme but I was drawn to the strange pattern created by the window frames from this angle at ground level in and alley in downtown Calgary.


I had the opportunity to work with glass (blown glass) for fun a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  I love working it into my photography whether as the subject or as part of the supporting cast – it really is wonderful.