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The feline queen of the parking lot

On a grocery stop in Kapa’a the kids and I watched this feral cat strut around the parking lot.  It never broke into a run but it chased away roosters, hens and one small dog with the piercing stare and an aggressive posture very much reminding me of the mountain lions from the Rocky Mountains in my part of the world.  This cat made it very clear to me that she ruled this stretch of blacktop, simply allowing people to park their cars but ceding no authority to them.  Even the cats in Hawai’i are incredible.

One fast food gull and a mall parking lot

The Ring-billed Gull is sometimes called the fast food gull.   They have earned the name as they will often hang around fast food restaurants scavenging for food.

 This gull was one of two foraging around a mall parking lot.  With the warm, evening light and puddles reflecting the bird and the blue sky, I was happy to spend a few minutes photographing in an unusual wildlife location.