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Happy Easter!

The robins have just returned to our home this weekend. It was a nice surprise from the Easter bunny to see and hear them in the backyard again.

Desirée thought the image above suggested the bird centre in the sunlight was the hope of spring emerging from darkness of winter. I liked that a lot. She has a beautiful way of seeing things.

An Easter morning yarn

Again this year the Easter bunny made a web of sweater yarn across our main floor.  The kids each had their own string to follow to find their baskets.  Each ball was 200 meters long so it took them a fair while to track down the other end and their rewards.  The morning was interrupted with a bit of April Fools’ trickery (see the writing on Kezia’s face courtesy of her brother before she woke up!).  A lot of fun which was carried on when the grandparents came to join us for brunch.  A very good day in the middle of the long weekend.

One of Easter’s Bunnies

It was a good morning around our house today.  The Easter Bunny came in the night and the kids sleuthed out the hidden eggs in speedy fashion.  Bobbi and I got to have a bit of a sleep-in too so all parties were happy.  I hope your Easter morning, whether a celebration of your beliefs, a fun event for your kids or just a regular Sunday, was a good start to the day.

This isn’t the Easter Bunny, he’s a backyard friend who lives under our deck during the winters.  He was pure white until the last couple of weeks where the coat has started to darken.  It looks a bit like he’s been playing in the mud but it will help him blend in as the snow melts.