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Happy Birthday My Son

Yesterday was Kian’s 5th birthday.  He helped plan out the party – well he chose the construction theme – his mommy did the organization and then our little tribe put the room at the Redwood Meadows House together.

Kian was so happy to have most of his cousins and his friends there.  He had a great time and, with the laughing and shrieking going on all afternoon, I think all of the other kids did too.  The bouncy castle was a big hit.  Below, Nolan and Kashton take a break in the middle of the castle.



Austin was the heavy hitter who took down the tractor piñata, the kids descended on the spoils straight away.

And so, to my wonderful boy, I love you.  Thank you for you.  Thank you for who you are, who you are becoming and who you make me be.

Fire Station Party – happy birthday to my son!

Friday was Kian’s 4th birthday and it kicked off a birthday weekend that was a whirlwind of fun.

Our local fire station, the Redwood Meadows Fire Department, allowed us to throw Kian’s birthday party at the Fire Hall in the garage right beside the fire engines and emergency response vehicles!

The kids, and most of us adults, had a great time.  The fire fighters on duty were incredible – allowing the kids to tour through all of the vehicles, explaining gear, reinforcing fire safety in a fun way and really having fun with the children.

An incredible group of men and women.  Their work in the community is amazing and it was fun to have a chance to talk with them and see their interest in teaching and playing with the children.

A huge thank you to my wife, Bobbi, for putting this event on; the fire department for everything they did that made the party incredible, Trisha for her amazing desserts, my parents for helping pull it all together and all of the families who came out – I hope everyone had a great day – we did.

Happy birthday Kian – with all of my love to my big boy.  I love being your daddy and helping you as you blaze your trail.  You amaze me every day.