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Americas regional winner of the 2015 Urban Photographer of the Year competition


2014 © Christopher Martin

It was a great surprise when I learned earlier in the week that I was the regional winner for the Americas in this year’s Urban Photographer of the Year competition.  There are three regions that this contest divides the world into as well as recognizing one overall winner.  They had over 21,000 entries to this unique competition so it is an honour to have my image selected.

My image is of a plane being de-iced at the Calgary International Airport.  I described the scene as follows in my submission,  “On a cold morning in January, airplanes required de-icing before being able to takeoff. As I waited for my flight to warmer climes, I watched a crane truck approach this plane. It stopped a few metres away, the bucket then extended upwards with this gentleman waiting to go to work. When he turned on the spray from the hose, the steam lit by the rising sun made for a compelling image.”

This link shares the winning images and presents striking imagery.  I commend all the winners and whole heartedly agree with the committee’s selection for the overall winner.  That image, “Xyclops”, by Oscar Rialubin is a stunning portrait and window into a craftsman’s work and personality.