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Lest We Forget

On this day of remembrance of those who have served, sacrificed and given so much to so many we say thank you.  It is a small repayment of our debt to you but is heartfelt and my children understand the history that you have helped shape for our country.  To those in our family who gave their lives and those who returned with memories no one should be burdened with, we love you and we remember.

Remembrance Day - © Christopher Martin-254

The image above is of the Governor General’s Foot Guards during the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (note: this image was taken August 2008)

We Remember


Thank you to those who have served and those who continue to serve.  May you enjoy every day afterward, they are well-earned.

Honouring those who died or may die for their country - © Christopher Martin-17

On a personal note, to those in my family that served and who I never had the chance to know, I remember everyday.

Lest We Forget

To all those who have stood as giants to protect us, a sincere thank you.


To my grandfather and great uncles who served in the world wars, I will never forget what you did and  the men that you were.  My children will know why you went into Hell without one step back.