Edges of the day in Cabo San Lucas

We were in Cabo San Lucas last week for a few days of vacation time.  It was our first time to the Baja Peninsula and found it to be a beautiful spot.  We spent a lot of time on the water or very close to it.  After a few years on the Prairies, the ocean has an incredible pull for both Bobbi and I.

I got out for a couple good shoots before sunrise and again before sunset while we were down there.

We stayed along Sunset Beach, just outside the town on the Pacific side.  Very quiet beach with wonderful rock formations the only breaks to the stretches of sand.

Definitely a place I am looking forward to shooting again.

Marble Carvers in Mandalay

Mandalay is known throughout Asia for their artisans.  The area’s stonemasons have earned a reputation for their exquisite work with marble.

Our guide took us to a street in Mandalay that is a centre for marble carving.  The street is packed with workshops with carvers mostly working on Buddha statues of all sizes.

The statues are lined up, in various states of completion, at the front of most of the shops.

Masks are not part of the uniforms and the fine dust created by the power chisels and grinders they use hangs heavy around most workshops.

Marble is mined in quarries near Mandalay in the Sagyin hills.  The best of this stone is alabaster, very fine quality marble which most of these carvers were working with along the road.

When a statue is ready to be moved for painting or to be delivered nearby, a cart like the one below is often used.

For shipments to more distant clients, the statues are framed in wood and then wait to be loaded on flatbed trucks.

At one end of this road, a low slung building housed woodworkers, which provided the single exception to the marble work packed on this dusty street running for several city blocks in the middle of this sprawling city.

Here too Buddha remained the focus of most of the carvings, but there were a few different statues lined up on one wall outside.

One more incredible location in Myanmar that I am already looking forward to getting back to again.

The Edges of the Day – Sunset on Inle Lake

This is the second part of the Inle Lake Edges of the Day series.  These photos were taken around sunset during two evenings spent out on the water.

It was a lot of fun working with the falling light levels and exposing to reveal different amounts of detail from pure black silhouettes to overexposed reflections in the water.  Many different ways to shoot these scenes, I could stay there for another couple of weeks and not get bored just working with these guys.

Myanmar Favourites

A short post with a link to a web gallery of my first set of favourites from my trip to Myanmar in February.

* If you can’t open the link, please scroll down to see the set.

Preparing springroll dough in Yangon's Chinatown

More to come as I am still working through the library of images I came home with.

Thanks for checking out the blog and the images.



* The link is to a Flash based slideshow so for those viewing on an iPhone, iPad or other device that does not support Adobe’s Flash, I have included the images from the slideshow below.

Studying at Chaukhtatgyi Monastery

Buddhist nuns praying in Sagaing Hills

Sunset over U Bein bridge in Amarapura

Sunset behind the temples and pagodas of Bagan

Senior monk at the Chaukhtatgyi Monastery

In Bagan

On the plains of Bagan

Marble stonemason carving a Buddha statue in Mandalay

Devotion during the full moon festival at Shwe Dagon in Yangon

Early morning on the water at Inle Lake

Fisherman's silhouette at sunset on Inle Lake

Another walk around the strip

Bobbi and I went to the Blue Man Group on Friday night.  What a great show!  The creativity was outstanding and we had a lot of fun.  No photos allowed so I just sat back and enjoyed.

Afterwards, we wandered around the Venetian for a couple of hours.  I really like that resort.  The casino is certainly there but it is one of the places where I was able to really enjoy walking around without having the gambling around every corner.  The halls are much like Italian back streets (except the stores aren’t local delis and bakeries – instead all the high-end shops are squeezed in side by each).  Great restaurants with patios overlooking the canals are a real treat.  We ate at one of Mario Battali’s restaurants – very fine food and a dessert of local dates and honey with homemade vanilla bean gelato made it memorable for both of us.  The canals are great and wind inside and outside of the Venetian.  I really enjoyed playing with the compositions in this place using the lensbaby muse (a new toy!) to throw focus all around the frame.

We rode back to our hotel on the monorail and it was fun to watch the vegas skyline slide by.

A big thank you to Kofo for taking care of our kids for the night.  Another to Andy and Diane for making the show and the night a special occasion.

Happy New Year’s

We have been out at Jaffray to usher the new year in.  Our friends, Ken and Rhona Beaumont, have a beautiful cabin on a hill overlooking a picturesque section of the East Kootenays which they continue to be very generous in welcoming us to stay with them.  Here is a photo taken this evening of the cabin as the clouds lowered at the front of an approaching storm.

The Beaumont Cabin in the woods outside of Jaffray, BC

We rang in 2010 with our children, my mother and father and my Uncle Bill and Auntie Ann.  It was a wonderful way to end the year and start the new one.

I am excited about this year coming up and wish you the same enthusiasm throughout the whole year.

All the best!


Christmas Buck

There is a small herd of mule deer who live year-round in our community of Redwood Meadows (just east of Bragg Creek).  This evening a buck and a doe came up to our deck to nibble at the bird feeders we have for the blue jays, chickadees, woodpeckers and nuthatches that overwinter in the woods around us.  She was a bit shy when I came out with my camera but after a couple of minutes staying relatively still, he wandered over to the mass of seeds that have accumulated below the main feeder and between bites, was good enough to pose for a couple of photos.  A wonderful place to live!

The buck just off of my deck with the town road behind him

This was the look I earned after telling him he had a nice rack

The Calgary Zoolights – 2009

We were down at the Calgary Zoo for a Christmas party on Monday night.  Minus 30 degrees C but my mom and I still went for a walk around the grounds.  The animals weren’t out, they’re too smart for that I guess, but the Christmas Zoolights were filling in admirably.

This is an annual event that runs through December, three are over 1.5 million lights in the shape of animals and Christmas characters illuminating the outdoor areas of the zoo.  I can’t wait to get down there with Bobbi and the kids!

A couple of photos made down there – a fun place to be on my birthday.

The christmas lights at the Calgary Zoo

Flamingos at the zoo

Christmas Flamingos at the Calgary Zoo