I am a photographer living in Kananaskis Country – a beautiful part of the province of Alberta in Canada. Living in-between two very different types of land, the Prairies and the Rocky Mountains, I spend a lot of time in one or the other photographing nature.  When I travel, I enjoy photographing cultures and the people that create them.

I have an artistic background, having grown up painting and sketching.  Following university, I studied Chinese painting in Taiwan.  I became interested in the photographic medium around 2000 and that has been my primary artistic direction for the past 10+ years.  Photography allows me to play with reality, to share it as I see it or to create a version of it through long exposure, wide angles or motion blurs.  The freedom I have to photograph in so many different ways feeds my creativity and helps to drive my enthusiasm to create art.

Constantly I am drawn to interesting moments.  I strive for a connection shared with a person, an animal or on a more spiritual level with the land.  It is these moments that I try to share in my work.

My work has been well received across media, with clients and within collections.  My images are regularly licensed by a variety of printed and online publications.  My photography has been recognized in contests run by National Geographic, Photo District News, Photolife Magazine, Travel Photographer of the Year, World Photography Organization, Photofocus, Photography Masters Cup and others.  I sell prints and canvases of all my work that you find on this site or elsewhere.  I regularly donate images and prints for select educational use and to different charities.

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Thank you for having a look at my imagery, please feel free to contact me directly either through the comments sections or my email at cj@chrisphoto.ca.




Kezia and Chris - © Roberta-Lee Fergstad

My daughter and I out photographing.

My wife and children - © Christopher Martin-4973

Bobbi, the love of my life, with our two children.

On the beach with Kian - © Christopher Martin-2012

My son and I out for a walk.


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