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Ospreys at the Castle Junction

Last week I spent a day walking, sitting, waiting and watching along the Bow River in the Banff National Park.  I was enthralled with the comings and goings of four Ospreys centred around their part of the river at the Castle Junction between Banff and Lake Louise. My last visit with them was in April and […]

After the Osprey’s plunge

The pair of Ospreys I photographed in the Banff National Park a couple of weeks ago spent most of the afternoon with her on the nest and him perched high in trees over the Bow River.  I waited a couple of hours for one of them to dive into the water for a fish. It […]

Ospreys in flight

There was a lot of flight time during the afternoon that I spent watching a pair of Ospreys last weekend.  They flew along the Bow River fishing, perching and collecting branches for their nest.  I enjoyed watching them and having the opportunity to photograph them flying.

An Osprey’s bath

I watched this osprey bathe in a shallow stretch of the Bow River in the Banff National Park on the weekend.  The splashing around and dunking under water reminded me of my son when he’s having a soak in the bathtub. After delivering a fish to his mate, he flew off, gliding under the bridge […]

Dawn Osprey in Cabo San Lucas

One morning while I was set up for sunrise in the rocks on the coastline, one of the resident Ospreys flew low overhead looking for fish.  Her sharp eyes picked me out easily and she looked at me for a couple of seconds before banking back towards the open water.  The pink light from the […]

Osprey along the Sea of Cortez

There are two ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) who are residents at the Hacienda del Mar resort in Los Cabos.  Ospreys are another favourite animal that I am fortunate to be able to photograph quite often at home.  It is a bit surreal to see them living in a warm, southern climate as I think of them […]

Evening Osprey

While we were in Osoyoos we spent one evening at the lake.  As the sun was setting two ospreys circled above the water on the hunt for the last fish of the day.  I followed one of them that came fairly close to our beach and shot when it crossed in front of the sun.

Bow Valley Ospreys

(please click on any image for a higher resolution version) This adolescent osprey’s nest is along the Bow Valley on top of the Castle Junction bridge.  Its sibling had not yet fledged and the two of them spent the whole two hours I watched them screaming at one another.  Screaming may be too strong, but […]

Summer exodus – flight of an osprey

(as always, please click on an image to link to a higher resolution version) On the outskirts of Calgary, along Highway 8, there is an enormous nest that is the summer home for a pair of osprey.  I drive by the nest most days and have watched them throughout the late spring and summer.  A […]

A fight over a fish

The pair of Ospreys who summer on the Castle Junction bridge’s nest raised two chicks through adolescence this year.  When I spent a day watching them in August that meant there were four of these raptors, now all very close to the same size, interacting with one another on and around the bridge area.  Flying, […]

Elk River Heron

Canon 5DIII and 500mm f/4 lens: 1/1600 seconds at f/4 on ISO 800 The Elk River runs through a southeastern region of British Columbia’s Kootenay region.  Where the river spills out of the mountains into the Elk Valley, it widens and attracts an abundance of fish which in turn draws eagles, osprey and herons.  On […]

Mornings with loons

The small lake surrounded by the Wild Rose Estates west of Bragg Creek is a very nice place to watch wildlife.  I often find Great Blue Herons, eagles, geese and osprey plying their various trades in or around the water.  One of my favourite visitors to the pond are Common Loons (Gavia immer).  Occasionally I […]