For a more directed view of my work, I have the following portfolios that I have created either for clients or for myself which stick to themes better than my individual posts.


Landscapes – a collection of mountain, ocean, prairie and night images

People – images of people close to home and far beyond

Abstract – a series of interesting subjects from nature and man


  • Grizzly BearsUrsus arctos horribilis from Alberta and British Columbia
  • Great Blue Herons – a series from a variety of encounters with these elegant birds


Year-in-Review Portfolios:

Wildlife 2014 (published February 2015)

Wildlife 2013 (published January 2014)

Wildlife 2012 (published January 2013)

Landscapes 2014 (published March 2015)

Landscapes 2013 (published January 2014)

Landscapes 2012 (published January 2013)

Landscapes 2011 (published January 2012)

Landscapes 2010 (published January 2011)

Western Canadian Landscapes (published April 2012)


Themed Portfolios:

Calgary Stampede – Favourites from the 2010 and 2011 Rodeo (published April 2012)

People of Myanmar (published September 2010)

Motion in Pictures (published September 2011)


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